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Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, a world class museum of railroad history in Strasburg, PA.

Model Trains

The Museum's primary focus is on real trains, but we do use model trains extensively for information and instructional purposes.

Handson layout. In our Railway Education Center, we have an extensive layout which is used to allow youngsters to learn how real trains are assembled, routed to their destinations, and serviced.


GG1 and friends.

We also are constructing a complex layout showing railroads functioning in a Pennsylvania environment.



Steam demonstrator.

We use this small locomotive to teach how steam power is used to propel a locomotive. It actually boils water to create steam.



Train ride.Throughout the Museum, you will encounter various models of different sizes. A large operating layout is currently functioning in our lobby area too. Periodically, larger models are placed into operation, allowing youngsters to actually ride on them.

National Toy Train Museum.Strasburg, sometimes called America's Favorite Train Stop, has other resources for those interested in comparing model or toy trains with the real thing. The National Toy Train Museum is nearby, and features thousands of historic model trains as well as a toy train reference library. Virtually any train interest can be accommodated in Strasburg!

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