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Railroads Today... Regional Commuter Service 

Most regional rail commuter services are subsidized by government authorities, and in some cases are operated by government.  Faced with population growth, limited land for construction of new highways, and environmental considerations, government has seen the maximization of rail commuter service as a desirable function.

SEPTA's R-7 Lilne

The R-7 line of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority  (SEPTA) connects Philadelphia and Trenton, NJ. Much of this route travels the Northeast Corridor of Amtrak, requiring careful planning and control. Modern electronics allow more trains to use a given track than in the earlier days.

SEPTA Rail System Map

Regional commuter agencies typically combine rail, subway and bus services. As SEPTA's rail map shows, the historic pattern of rail lines, as well as many highways, was to radiate out from the center of the city.  This is not always consistent with suburban growth patterns, and new loop routes are being introduced. Regional agencies must accommodate many interests and pressures from diverse interests and governmental agencies. Financing involves support from State, Federal and local governments, as well as the fare-box.  

Growing urbanization has heavily influenced  the patterns of commuter travel services.

Suburban Station

Suburban Station, located under the buildings and streets of center city Philadelphia, was originally built by the Pennsylvania Railroad, and is now the center of much of SEPTA's commuter service. SEPTA's seven regional rail lines carry over 88,000 passengers daily.

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