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Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, a world class museum of railroad history in Strasburg, PA.

Museum Logos Evolve

New Museum Logo.

With our collection and activities growing, the Friends of the Railroad Museum worked with museum management to have this professional new logo prepared.

Although some may believe that the locomotive depicted is a Pennsylvania Railroad "J" class, which the museum does not have (none exist), in fact it is intended as a generic symbol of might and motion, reflecting the Museum's own preeminent position and continuing advancement.

So comprehensive are the museum's holdings and activities, that no single item can portray it all. Thus, the concept of rail power emerging on the horizon against a background of Pennsylvania's mountains is complemented by our new theme:

Real Trains.  Individual locomotives and cars, full trains, all of considerable historic significance and genuine heritage.

Real History.  A commitment to not only preserving our holdings, but to telling the story of their relevance to Pennsylvania and the world's social, economic, technical, and transportation advancement.

Real Excitement.  Countless opportunities for all ages to enjoy while learning, ranging from a program of scheduled events, to trained docent interpretation, and innovative educational programs.

The same new logo, with the words "Friends of the Railroad Museum," without the theme wording, was adopted by the FRM Board of Directors. A copy may be seen on the Friends page.

Honored Retired Symbols
Thus, our most recent logo, below at top left, joined the list of honored symbols of the museum's continuing progress.

Old Museum and FRM Logo, retired April 2002.

Old FRM logo.

Broad St. Station Clock logo.

Tahoe logo.


Favicon.Many of you will see this little image in your browser's address bar, and when you bookmark any of our site's pages. It's called a favicon (for Favorite Icon).

Its purpose is to assist you in finding our bookmark as you scan through your list of bookmarked sites.

Symbolically, its design reflects the appearance of a Pennsylvania Railroad Position Light, and the background color is reminiscent of the Pennsy's Tuscan Red.

And of course, since we're the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, the signal is set to allow continued forward movement! It's what's kown as a "Proceed" indication, and that's just what we're doing!


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