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The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania welcomes all visitors and seeks to provide accommodations for individuals in need of assistance.

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Entering The Museum

The ENTRANCE to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania is located along PA Route 741, directly across from the Strasburg Rail Road.  There is a flat walkway leading up to the main entrance from the parking lot on the east side of the building.

ACCESSIBLE PARKING is located in the main parking lot on the east side of the Museum or in the semi-circle on the west side of the Museum. The semicircle can also be used as a DROP OFF/PICK UP zone.

SERVICE ANIMALS, including service animals in training, are permitted inside the museum in accordance with federal and state policies.  The entry of EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMALS is at the discretion of the staff.

PERSONAL CARE ATTENDANTS receive complimentary admission into the Museum when accompanying a paying visitor.

The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania participates in the MUSEUMS FOR ALL program.  Discounted admission ($2 per person) is available for any visitor who has an ACCESS or EBT card and a valid state ID.

Inside The Museum

The ROLLING STOCK HALL of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania is a 100,000-square-foot facility.  The majority of the hall is wheelchair accessible, and many of our displays, exhibits, and interactives are ADA compliant.

MAPS of the Museum are available for download on the Museum’s website or by scanning a QR code at the Front Ticket Desk.  Paper maps are also provided at the Front Ticket Desk upon request and are currently available in English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian.

The only RESTROOMS in the Museum are located at the front of the lobby down a hallway near the Front Ticket Desk.  The restrooms are located on the left side of the hallway, starting with the Women’s Room, an Accessible Facility, and the Men’s Room at the very end.

To access the Second Floor Gallery and Observation Bridge, an ELEVATOR is located behind the Front Ticket Desk.

OPEN EQUIPMENT.  Select pieces of equipment are opened on a daily basis by staff and volunteers. However, due to their historic nature, construction, safety issues, and current condition of these pieces, not every piece are accessible.  A list of open equipment is located at the front of Rolling Stock Hall.

Selected pieces of equipment that are not accessible are equipped with a VIRTUAL TOUR KIOSK that provides a 360° view of the interior of the car or engine.  Closed captioning is installed on all these Virtual Tours.  A full list of our Virtual Tours can be located on the Museum’s website here.


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Contact Information

If you have any further questions on accessibility at the Museum, feel free to contact the Front Ticket Desk at (717) 687-8628, ext 3004.


GUIDED and CART TOURS are available daily by our staff and volunteers.  The Times of these tours vary from day to day.  Please ask a staff member for tour times and cart tour locations upon arrival.

WHEELCHAIRS are available at the Front Ticket Desk for any visitor to rent free of charge and are on a first-come, first serve basis.  Wheelchairs must remain on Museum property and return to the Front Ticket Desk after use.  Please let staff know if you wish to use one.

A WHEELCHAIR LIFT is available to access select pieces within the Museum.  Any piece that has a metal stairway and platform outside of it can be accessed with the lift.  Please ask a staff member for any assistance with these pieces.  A full detailed list of equipment and accommodations can be found here.

The PHMC and the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania have partnered with the AIRA app to provide visitors with vision impairments with a way to experience the Museum using their smartphones.  AIRA connects you with an agent and using the camera on your smartphone, can help navigate the Museum, read artifact labels, and more.  AIRA is a free app that can be downloaded on Android Play Store and the Apple Store.  The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania is a free AIRA access location.

All video displays that include narration have CLOSED CAPTIONING enabled.

GUESTS WITH VISION IMPAIRMENTS or WHO ARE BLIND, GUESTS WHO ARE DEAF or HARD OF HEARING, and GUESTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS are strongly encouraged to contact the Museum in advance of their visit and make arrangements to accommodate their needs.